The following is an index and brief description of guests who joined the Operational Leaders podcast for Season Two:

Episode  1:  Anthony Scaramucci, Founder and Partner, SkyBridge Capital

Episode  2:  Jason Duffy, Founder, Fieldstone Insurance Group Group (explaining health insurance)

Episode  3:  Christine Chang, Family Office CEO

Episode  4:  Ed Klees, Partner, Hirschler law firm (the allocator perspective on partnership agreements)

Episode  5:  Leslie Picker, Reporter, CNBC

Episode  6:  Frank Byrd, Founder & CEO, Fielder Capital (outsourced family office)

Episode  7:  Melissa Kelly-Hilton, Founder, Hilton Global Associates (investigative due diligence)

Episode 8:  Mike DeSanti, President, LightPoint Financial Technologies (technology reshaping the middle and back office)

Episode 9:  Rado Lipuš, Founder & CEO, Neudata (sourcing and assessing alternative data sets)

Episode  10:  Pete Cherecwich, President, Northern Trust Asset Servicing

Episode  11:  Meredith Moss, Founder & CEO, Finomial (automating the investor experience)

Episode  12:  Bill Salus, CEO, Paddock Consultancy (an independent view of fund administration)

Episode 13:  Ingrid Pierce, Global Managing Partner, Walkers (the choice of Cayman for offshore funds)

Episode 14:  Johan Kim, President & CEO, RFA (managed IT and the importance of data management)

Episode 15:  Nida Panchee, Founder, Panchee Advisory (the growing outsourcing trend)

Episode 16:  Governor Martin O’Malley, Former Governor, State of Maryland (governance and leadership in the Information Age)

Winter Bonus:  Dan Nathan, Principal, RiskReversal Advisors; Panelist, CNBC Fast Money