After the election comes the governing.  Few have been as innovative and successful as Martin O’Malley who served as the mayor of Baltimore and two terms as governor of the great state of Maryland.  Many of the lessons he learned – chronicled in his new book, Smarter Government: How to Govern for Results in the Information Age – apply equally to running a smarter business.

Governor O’Malley explains how he became an early adopter of technology and data-driven systems of performance management.  He talks about how this approach brought greater efficiency, transparency and accountability. 

Governor O’Malley also gives his thoughts on leadership, change management, the benefits and limitations of technology and many more topics.  Along the way, he describes some of his current endeavors including teaching, charitable work, and serving as Senior Adviser on Smarter Governance at the top consulting firm of Grant Thornton.

To learn more about Governor O’Malley and his book, Smarter Government, please visit the book’s dedicated website.