Ingrid Pierce is one of the world’s top fund attorneys. She serves as the Global Managing Partner at Walkers and heads the firm’s Cayman Investment Funds Group.

In this episode, Ingrid answers the fundamental question, why Cayman? She explains the reasons behind the use of offshore fund vehicles and how Cayman – with its well establish set of regulations, stability and cadre of resident experts – has become the jurisdiction of choice for offshore fund formation. Ingrid also discusses the importance of Cayman maintaining regulations that meet international standards while also taking into consideration commercial expectations of the business community. Along the way, she adds some business insights and advice.

Ingrid concludes the discussion by mentioning a favorite charity, Help for Children. This international organization focuses on the prevention and treatment of child abuse.

To learn more about Ingrid and Walkers, please visit the firm’s website.

To learn more about Help for Children, please visit the charity’s website.