Sylvain Forté is passionate about artificial intelligence. In 2014, he took that passion and co-founded SESΛMm, a company that applies natural language processing – a subfield of artificial intelligence – to extract billions of articles and messages from the web and turn them into relevant insights for investors.

In this episode, Sylvain explains the rise of artificial intelligence and big data and their use in the investment field. He discusses the various use cases for AI and his company’s natural language processing, from insights on public and private companies to ESG assessments. He also discusses the extent of his company’s data sets and how different types of clients make use of the information his company provides.

In addition, Sylvain talks about how he started his business, some of the advantages of his company’s location in Paris and its expansion abroad, and the burgeoning FinTech community in France.

To learn more about Sylvain and his company, please visit the SESΛMm website.

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