John Brennan spent nearly 25 years on the buy-side of the alternative investment management industry, include most recently 10 years as the Chief Technology Officer at Highfields Capital. He now serves as the Chief Strategy Officer at Eze Castle Integration.

John joined the podcast as our very first guest. He returns in this episode to talk about integrating new technologies and the importance of first understanding the underlying business environment. Along the way, John hits on a number of key topics, including the benefits of technology solutions and the advantage of using consulting firms to identify the best solutions, the importance of developing written technology plans that look to a firm’s future growth, and the need for guardrails when allowing employees to engage in their own coding projects.

To learn more about John and his new firm, please visit the website for Eze Castle Integration.

Finally, John updates us on some of the latest developments at AITEC, an organization that he co-founded to help technology professionals in the financial services field. You can learn more about this organization by visiting the AITEC website.

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