Here are some key quotes from my latest podcast with Jersey Finance Deputy CEO, Amy Bryant, and Legal and Technical Manager, Peggy Gielen, discussing the merits of Jersey as a fund domiciliation:

“Jersey Finance is the promotional body for the finance industry in Jersey. We are celebrating 60 years of finance industry in Jersey, and Jersey Finance as an organization is celebrating also its 20th anniversary this year.”  ~ PG

“Our mission is very much to work with our members really to champion the competitive position of Jersey’s finance industry.”  ~ AB

“Our newest office is actually in New York. So Philip Pirecki, our business development consultant, is based out in New York for us.”  ~ AB

“As a crown dependency, Jersey is not a colony or an overseas territory of the UK.  We are, in fact a self-governing parliamentary democracy, but under the ultimate sovereignty of the Crown.  We’ve got our own independent legal, administrative and fiscal systems.”  ~ AB

“We’ve got now more than $500 billion of net asset value of regulated funds under administration. And our specific expertise is in alternatives which is about 90% now of our overall funds business.”  ~ AB

“[Investors] want jurisdictions that can offer expertise, political and fiscal stability with a no change in outlook from a regulatory, legal and economic perspective. Jersey achieves this and will continue to achieve this because we work together with our regulator and government very closely.”  ~ PG

“We are considered to have one of the strongest regulatory frameworks in the world. And actually, we’ve been assessed against that many times by international and supranational organisations. And that gives us the confidence that we are a very reputable jurisdiction.”  ~ AB

“Jersey took a strategic decision to implement international standards early on, and some other jurisdictions are playing catch up. And therefore, it may be more difficult to implement those international standards when you’re not really familiar with them.”  ~ PG

“A more viable and simple solution is marketing through the national private placement regimes. And Jersey is a great gateway both into Europe and the rest of the world to access investors.” ~ PG

“So stability and clarity [in the legal system] is something that jersey really focuses on delivering.”  ~ AB

“Brexit doesn’t really impact Jersey because . . . Jersey has always been treated as a third country. I mentioned at the outset that Jersey is not part of the EU, nor is it part of the UK. And so actually, our relationships have always been negotiated and organized independently.”  ~ AB

“We touched on Jersey just being an island, that’s nine miles by five. And when you walk up the main highway, high streets in Jersey, you pass so many internationally competitive and global brands. It’s really fantastic.”  ~ AB

“We mentioned stability before, but I can’t stress the importance enough.  When you’re looking for a fund domiciliation, that is what you want. And you do not want a disproportionate increase in costs either.”  ~ PG

“You can’t talk about the future without talking about the need to transition to a more sustainable finance ecosystem. And that’s something that we’ve got a really key focus on here in Jersey.”  ~ AB