In November 2019 James Newman and his business partner, Quentin Thom, left their in-house positions and founded perfORM Due Diligence Services.  Their firm is an innovative, flexible and technology-driven ODD service, and the first of its kind in the UK.

In this episode, James talks about how he and Quentin saw the need for an independent third-party ODD service and what led them to create perfORM.  He also discusses the types of assignments investors request and how those assignments have become more customized over the past few years.  James describes the impact of the COVID pandemic, how the ODD process responded and how some new aspects might be temporary and others permanent.  In that light, he notes the increasing role of technology in the ODD process.  James concludes the episode with a few tips on how managers can work with ODD teams to make the best possible impression.

To learn more about James and his firm, please visit the website for perfORM Due Diligence Services or check out their LinkedIn page.

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