More than twenty years ago, Brian Davis left his legal practice and became one of the top legal recruiters in the profession.  He focused his talents on financial services and later became a recognized pioneer for concentrating his work in the alternative asset space.  Today, Brian serves as the Managing Partner in New York for Major, Lindsey & Africa, the world’s premier legal executive search firm.

In this episode, Brian shares his perspective on the alternative asset management industry.  He discusses the hiring process for in-house counsel and the critical importance of finding the right cultural fit.  He also describes the skills that make a candidate a successful hire, including the importance of listening. Brian observes some of the changing trends in the industry that are reflected in the demand for legal talent.  He concludes with a few tips for both candidates and firms looking to hire.

To learn more about Brian and his firm, please visit the website for Major, Lindsey and Africa.

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