Carl Ayers has been covering legal and compliance issues in the asset management space about as long as I can remember.  He is now the publisher/editor of Regulatory Compliance Watch, a PEI Media LLC entity.  He’s had the role since 2008 going back to the days of IA Watch, and he’s won a few journalism awards along the way.

Back in day – before the financial crisis and my move in-house as a private fund executive – Carl and I spoke frequently.  We spoke about regulatory developments, industry best practices and even golf scores.  But my time in-house didn’t afford the opportunity to keep in touch as often as before.  So it was great when Carl reached out recently and said, “Tery, I’ve got a private fund story I’m working on and I think you can help me out.”

So I was pleased to speak Carl about his recent story on the tricky matter of expense allocations with co-investment vehicles and multiple funds.  The story is aptly titled: “Avoiding Trouble When Allocating Expenses.” And thanks to Carl for including me with a quote!

Here’s a link to the article (and it is behind a paywall for non-subscribers):