We’re pleased to announce that Michael C. Neus will be joining the webinar panel on April 6th.  Mike will help provide a behind the scenes look at how the Securities and Exchange Commission is structured, operates and oversees the private fund industry.

Mike currently serves as the Private Funds Attorney Fellow at the SEC. He works in the Division of Investment Management where he provides guidance and support on private fund matters across the agency. Prior to joining the SEC, Mike spent 25+ years at some of the leading fund firms in a variety of executive roles, including general counsel, chief compliance officer and chief operating officer.

Suzan Rose will serve as host and we’ll be supported by the team at AIMA as co-sponsors of the event.

To learn more about the free webinar and to register, please visit the AIMA website:  https://www.aima.org/event/how-the-sec-regulates-private-funds.html