Here are some key quotes from my latest podcast with Grace Reyes, CEO of The Investment Diversity Exchange (TIDE), speaking on diversity and inclusion within the investment industry.

“TIDE was launched just last year in January 2020. And we gained so much traction in a short amount of time because we got the support of the most high-profile asset owners in the investment industry, as well as very well-respected managers.”

“I think all those years of working with investors, I’ve been able to connect and create meaningful relationships. And so over time, I’ve used those relationships to promote the mission and companies that I work for.”

“[At TIDE], we’re able to curate professionaKey Quotes from Grace Reyesls who truly care about the mission. And that’s number one. And then from there, we connect those from underrepresented communities to the decision makers that have the power to make a change in the industry.”

“Each underrepresented group needs their own voice because they face different challenges. But there needs to be a united front. And so TIDE is uniquely positioned to be like the United Nations for diversity within the investment industry.”

“I decided to go all in with TIDE because I felt that I have a voice to make a difference. I have a decent following on LinkedIn, as well as a good digital footprint. And I also know the right people in the industry who are decision makers and can help create change.”

“The importance of in-person meeting is still there. I think people realize that, and they miss going to conference, and they realize how valuable conferences are. But I think digital is here to stay.”

“So the good thing about learning how to develop relationships is that it can be learned. And what advice I would say to listeners is to be a giver, rather than a taker.”

“When you’re talking and connecting and networking with someone, it really has to come from a place of authenticity, and that you’re genuine about it. And so I would say, when you’re networking, just be authentic and genuine.”

“At the end of the day, allocating to a diverse team or hiring diverse talent isn’t charity, it’s actually good for business and enhances overall portfolio returns.”

“I definitely think there could be changes during our generation, the shift can happen now. And you can expand the pie.”

“Just a slight shift in your strategy of including people, a slight 10% shift can change your process by tenfold. And so yeah, I think we can make a change now.”

“We don’t want asset owners to select based on ethnicity, but we want to make sure that they’re looking from as wide a lens as possible.”

“As for diversity, we’re at diversity 2.0.  Before it was just a nice to have, but now asset owners are measuring it and asking questions as part of their due diligence process. So I’m quite optimistic of the future of diversity within our industry.”