We’ll be home for the holidays and returning next Wednesday with a new episode. In the meantime, we’re spending this Thanksgiving with our immediate families.

Our host, Terrance O’Malley, recalled the last time he spent the holiday weekend away from his extended family. That happened in 1995 (!), early in his career while working in India on a capital markets project sponsored by USAID.

He still has a prized possession from that moment – an invitation to Thanksgiving dinner at the American consulate in Bombay. “It was a magical evening,” he recalls. “Outdoor dining on the lawn, lit up by torches, overlooking the city and the Arabian Sea.”

So here are just a few things he is thankful for:

• The American Women’s Club of Bombay for the invitation in 1995, as well as the generous people of India who helped make his stay a success.
• His family – including his wife and children, his parents and siblings, and all the extended relatives and in-laws.
• The podcast guests who have joined the show.
• Everyone who has taken time to listen to an episode or “liked” a post.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.