The following is an index and brief description of guests who joined the Operational Leaders podcast for Season One:

Preview Episode: John Brennan, Chief strategy Officer, Eze Castle Integration

Episode 1: Michael Merrigan, Founder, Shadmoor Advisors (operational due diligence)

Episode 2: Andrea Colabella, Co-Founder, Cardea Group (executive recruiting)

Episode 3: Norm Champ, Former Director, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Division of Investment Management

Episode 4: Des Johnson, CEO, Centaur Fund Services USA (fund administration)

Episode 5: Steve Bruce, Co-Founder, ASC Advisors (strategic communications and branding)

Episode 6: Tom Hardin, Tipper X

Episode 7: Bill Kelly, CEO, Chartered Alternative Investment Analysts Association (“CAIA”)

Episode 8: Monel Amin, Founder, DiligenceVault (digitizing due diligence)

Episode 9: Jack Inglis, CEO, Alternative Investment Management Association (“AIMA”)

Episode 10: Brian Shanly, Co-Founder, 2912 Advisors (outsourced CFO services)

Episode 11: Fizza Khan, Founder and CEO, Silver Regulatory Associates (compliance consulting)

Episode 12: Kimberly Patlis-Walsh, President, Corporate Risk Solutions (corporate insurance consulting)

Episode 13: Cosimo Montagu, Editor and Organizer, GAIM Ops Event Series

Episode 14: Paul Calderone, COO, Hazeltree (automated treasury solutions)

Episode 15: Josh Barlow, Founder and Managing Director, Valhalla Fiduciary (independent director)

Episode 16: Scott Chace, Co-Founder and CEO, CF Global Trading (outsourced trading)

Episode 17: Poseidon Retsinas, Founder and CEO, HedgeLegal (counterparty agreements)

Episode 18: Joseph Signoreli, Founder and CEO, Our Peer Group (Chief Operating Officer networking organization)

Episode 19: Bart McDonough, CEO and Founder, Agio (managed IT and cyber security)

Episode 20: HFM Journalists Team, Editors Jennifer Banzaca, Michael Paterakis and Thomas Duffell

Episode 21: Tim O’Shea, President & Chief Operating Officer, Thales Trading Solutions (listed derivatives and the futures market)

Episode 22: Kathy Burton, Journalist, Bloomberg News

Episode 23: Michael Neus, Author, Counselor and Noted Industry Executive (the state of the private fund industry)

Summer Bonus: Gregory Zuckerman, Author, Journalist, Wall Street Journal