Josh Barlow spent over twelve years at PAAMCO where he led Operational Due Diligence and Accounting. This experience reinforced his view on the importance of fund governance and the value of independent directors who can deliver both oversight and practical guidance. In 2018, Josh left PAAMCO to become the founder of Valhalla Fiduciary, a consulting firm whose core service is to provide independent non-executive directorships within the asset management industry.

In this episode, Josh discusses the circumstances that led him to create Valhalla Fiduciary. He also discusses the role of the independent director, including topics such as why the role exists, how it can add value to both investors and to fund managers, and the skill sets that can make an independent director effective. In addition, Josh talks about the impact of the coronavirus, and provides some concluding throughs on the future of the asset management industry.

For more information about Josh Barlow and Valhalla Fiduciary, please visit the firm’s website.