Here are some key quotes from my latest podcast with Brian Shanly, Co-Founder of 2912 Advisors:

“As we were realizing, looking at different positions in the industry, the industry has been going through serious changes over the past few years. And the trend was toward outsourcing.”

“Our model is we will try from the outsource side to do as many repeatable tasks as possible to make that operation more efficient for the client.”

“We see [outsourcing] across all the different strategies from real estate, private equity, credit funds, structured credit funds. So everyone is now at least evaluating it to determine whether this could make sense and maybe components of it do and components of it don’t.”

“I think we’re in early stages of it of what it actually looks like, and how it gets adopted and what the best practices are. But certainly here to stay.”

“So I think expanding that network, expanding your comfort area, and understanding how those things are really going to impact what you do. I think that’s how you stay current. And that’s how you kind of build your, your brand and your reputation.”

“The institutional investors that are out there today are much, much smarter than you know, they were 20 years ago. So they really drive change. They drive transparency. And I think they’ve made the investment managers, probably better investment managers as well.”