Here are some key quotes from my latest podcast with Monel Amin, Founder and CEO of DiligenceVault:

• “If you think about DiligenceVault, sometimes we say simplistically, it’s the dating dot com for the investment management industry.”

• “With DiligenceVault, we’ve built a platform that sits between the two sides [of investors and managers]. It offers them a centralized platform to exchange information, but exchange information in a digital fashion and not just document sharing.”

• “One of the most surprising things about our industry is that our industry invests billions and trillions of dollars in ideas and themes. A lot of it is in technology as well. But as an adopter of technology, it’s been quite far behind a lot of other industries.”

• “There is a super solution [for automating the back office]. But I would argue it’s not a single firm. I think what we do believe is that partnerships and alliances and integrations with best in class solutions in each of their categories is probably the right solution.”

• “So all of that, the judgment, the human touch, the collaboration is not going to go away. I think technology and automation is just going to replace the mundane. That’s just our belief. We’re not here to completely take over the entire process.”

• “Change Management is the biggest risk that we see. I mean, when people ask us who is our competition, we say it’s Excel and Apathy.”