Key are some key quotes from my podcast with Tom Hardin, aka “Tipper X”:

• “I rationalized that moment when I received my first tip, ‘hey it seems everybody else is doing it.’”

• “There are still dire consequences obviously with the felony conviction. I have two daughters; I can’t coach them in sports. Can’t even have a checking account because it’s a financial crime.”

• “Even in some of my talks at the industry conferences I’ve noticed sometimes people don’t want to stand too close to me, like they are going to catch my insider trading disease or something.”

• “I speak now not just about insider trading but about other industries and all the lines we can cross where we can rationalize cheating. Even just most recently with major league baseball and the Astros.”

• “The firms I speak at have great cultures. The firms I know I should be at are never going to have me in.”

• “[Insider trading] isn’t going away. I think its just a crime of human behavior, human rationalization.”

• “I focus on giving people in the room a training session that they’re never going to forget, and that creates discussion. And its so neat to see clients when I started speaking still say every few months that they still bring up something from that Tipper X talk.”