Here are some great insights from my latest podcast with Steve Bruce, co-founder of the public relations firm ASC Advisors:

• “At the end of the day [in the insider trading investigations of 2009-2010], the biggest lesson was cooperation could be your better answer, understand what the problem is, and if you’re going to fight the government in any fashion, just realize they are working with the ‘Three Ps’: [politics, press and punishment.]”

• “In 1998 . . . there were about 3,000 articles [in the press] that year on the industry. Over the past few years, its over 15,000 each year.”

• “Having a brand can help you in getting mandates. The reason is simple. It’s a lot more competitive world.”

• “In 2012, there were 17 firms that had sanctioned LinkedIn profiles. Today, its 49 of the top 50.”

• “More and more of our clients are saying ‘we need to know what’s going on with ESG.’ We believe that we are going to be the first communications firm to have a formal ESG capability.”

• “I think that we are going to see more consolidation. I think succession remains a significant opportunity, and for some folks an issue, it’s not easy to do. Social media is going to continue [to shape the business].”