Here are some key quotes from my latest podcast with Andrea Colabella, partner and co-founder of the Cardea Group.

• “Every time you start a business you have to start building a name for yourself again.”

• “If compensation is the number one and only reason a candidate is looking to move, we will coach them through on how to ask for more money at their current firm, because what we consider them is a counteroffer risk. And that is probably the most devastating thing that happens in our business.”

• “We advise candidates to make sure their resumes are as clean as possible because that is the first thing that anybody learns about you.”

• “From an appearance standpoint, we don’t coach people on how to dress, but we always advise them that you want to be the best dressed person in the room.”

• “We have seen transitions from hedge to private equity. Are they easy, no. But are firms willing to consider them, for sure, because there is a very big talent pool in the hedge fund space.”